Here are few details about us: we have free games, we have informative guides, we have interesting news. is #1.

Here are few details about us: we have free games, we have informative guides, we have interesting news. is #1.

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How to be the best at Cubefield

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Now, the main reason why I love this game is that a lot of people say that this game can improve your mind, memory, thinking ability, etc. I honestly belong to those people who believe that flash games (and games in general) can benefit you very much, they can improve your mind, they can help you to forget about your problems, they can help you to deal with stress and it is also very entertaining to play your favorite game when you have free time. This is why I brought your attention to the Cubefield, game is easy to play, it is free, it is good for your brains and it is also fun!

cubefieldNow that we know what makes this online game so popular and interesting, we can talk about main objective and how to succeed in it. Main idea of the game is to dodge cubes which will appear in front of you, sometimes they appear out of nowhere and in this case you will need a good reaction, don’t worry if you are slow at reacting, remember this game improves your abilities so after playing it for a while you will notice that your reaction is becoming better.

Like in other games first few levels are very easy, but soon you will notice that speed of the game starts to increase and this is where Cubefield becomes truly interesting. Sometimes you will even feel a little bit scared, but this part of the game is what makes it so special and enjoyable.

Game also features score option, try to collect as much points as it is possible and see how good your friends are at this game, you may challenge your family members as well.

And finally let me tell you about controls of the game:

  • Use left and right arrow keys in order to dodge flying cubes.
  • Press P button to pause the game.
  • Q button allows you to change quality of the game.

cubefield online

With that being said I just want to wish you good luck and I hope you will get the highest score in the game, HAVE FUN.

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