Here are few details about us: we have free games, we have informative guides, we have interesting news. is #1.

Here are few details about us: we have free games, we have informative guides, we have interesting news. is #1.

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Happy Wheels
#1 Happy Wheels

Reason behind why Happy Wheels is number one is because it is well developed and complicated game, there are many different characters in this game and they all have unique abilities. Amount of maps is also impressive, plus there are tons of new releases, also players can create their own maps, this is very interesting feature indeed. Game also is pretty funny and hilarious, dark humor, iconic characters and things like that can entertain any gamer.

Tank Trouble
#2 Tank Trouble

Probably main reason why it is so high rated is because it brings nostalgia to all people from 90s, when we used to play Tanks game on our old consoles. It was awesome time and memories from our childhood bring happiness and joy. Tank Trouble is also pretty entertaining game, graphics are awesome, physics of the game look decent: movements, shooting, ricochet, etc.

Impossible Quiz
#3 Impossible Quiz

Unlike other two games above this one has less action in it, but don’t worry game is still very interesting and it tests your ability to think outside the box. This game brings very unique and funny questions, solving them is one epic experience. Game has many different releases and versions starting from part one up to part 5. Most likely we will see new versions of the game as well in the future.

Super Smash Flash 2
#4 Super Smash Flash 2

Yeah this game is pure adrenaline and mind-blowing fighting, jumping, shooting, casting spells and all the crazy stuff. In order to become pro in this game you will have to bring your skill to the highest levels possible, you will have to improve your reaction and solve different objectives as fast as it is possible. Oh and just when you thought game can’t get any better, it has all the popular characters from anime shows, PC games and cartoon! Naruto, Sonic, Mario, Ichigo and many more can be found in this game (and they all have different unique attack abilities).

Stick RPG
#5 Stick RPG

If you are big fan of RPG games this game is for you. Unlike other complicated game that requires installation, takes a lot space and good PC hardware, Stick RPG is simple, free online game, you just load it is the browser and play without a lot of hassle and trouble. Even thought game is super simple it has a lot of different stuff in it, it has jobs, it has education system, it has bank system and all other important stuff that you encounter in real life. You main objective in the game is to to develop your character, increase its stats, improve his physical abilities and things like that. Of course game offers different missions/quests and mysterious Paper Thin City wont leave you disappointed.

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